If you have humming at the switchboard, fuses that trip regularly, light bulbs blowing out or flickering, melting around the switchboard unit or signs of corrosion, chances are you need to have your switchboard replaced.

Older electrical systems were not designed to handle modern appliances, or the sheer number of gadgets we now have in our homes, and have the potential to create fire hazards, putting your family and property at risk.

Modern switchboards replace old-style ceramic fuses with circuit breakers and have RCD protection against electrical shocks. They are also sleek, recessed into your wall and unobtrusive, freeing up visual space and giving your home a more modern feel.

Seachange Electrical have over 30 years combined experience in switchboard upgrades, replacements, installation and rewiring.

To find out how much a new switchboard installation would cost, give us a call on 0800 SEA AIR.